Ep.13 - 'All My Wild Mothers'

Ep.13 - 'All My Wild Mothers'


In this episode, Charlie chats with author, poet and nature lover, Victoria Bennett about her recently published book, 'All My Wild Mothers'. They take a deep dive into the difficulites of facing loss and grief and the healing power that nature has to get us through challenging times. Victoria talks about a group she established, 'Wild Women', with the aim of helping women reconnect with their wild side. Through this she has created a community of women who come together to help each other and share experiences. 

Together they explore the potential that we have when we come together as a community whether that is litter picking in your local area, putting up Swift boxes to provide a safe place for migrating birds to nest, or working through grief and shared experience together. 

Find out more about Victoria's work at: http://beewyld.co.uk/

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