Citizen Science

Get Involved in Citizen Science - Make a Difference for UK Wildlife!

Have you ever wondered how you can contribute to understanding the natural world around you? The answer is closer than you think! Citizen science offers everyone the opportunity to participate in valuable research projects and make a real difference for UK wildlife.

What is Citizen Science?

Citizen science is collaborative research where the public participates in collecting and analyzing data. This data helps scientists answer important questions about wildlife trends, distribution, and behavior. From counting birds in your garden to recording sightings of rare species, you can contribute valuable information that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain.

How Can You Get Involved?

There are many many worthwhile Citizen Science projects to participate in but we'd like to draw your attention to The Big Bee Hotel Experiment in particular though, because it's a project we're proud to be involved in.

We'd love it if our Bee Hotel customers participated in the project, not just for the data but also to help inform improvements to the Bee Hotels we produce and sell. We want them to be real 5* abodes for our hard-working solitary bee mums and offspring.

The Buzz Club team, led by Dave Goulson and his team of PhD students, have a number of projects you can participate in as well as The Big Bee Hotel Experiment, so please do check their website out and support their work if you have time. We look forward to seeing your results!


Here are some other exciting ways you can get involved in other citizen science in the UK:

Biological Recording Schemes:

  • iRecord: Share your wildlife observations using this popular platform. Simply take a photo or record a sound of a plant or animal and upload it, helping scientists build a valuable national record of our biodiversity.
  • National Biodiversity Network (NBN): Explore a wide range of recording schemes for specific species groups like butterflies, moths, and ladybirds. Contribute directly to their conservation efforts!

National Projects:

  • Big Garden Birdwatch (The Wildlife Trusts): Join this annual event in January to help monitor changes in bird populations across the UK. It's a fun and easy way to contribute to citizen science with your whole family.
  • Nest Record Scheme (The British Trust for Ornithology): Nest Record Scheme participants gather vital information on the breeding success of Britain's birds by following the progress of individual nests.
  • The Buzz Club Big Bee Hotel Experiment (University of Sussex): This exciting project invites you to build or purchase a bee hotel, monitor its use throughout the season, and submit your data to gain valuable insights into bee populations and the effectiveness of bee hotels.

Other Citizen Science Projects: