Christmas Gifts For Bird Lovers

Christmas Gifts For Bird Lovers

Is there a friend in your circle, or a member of your family who is always peering out the window to see who is visiting their bird feeders today? Bird feeding is more popular than ever, in part due to the Pandemic which enabled many of us to reconnect with nature, wildlife and our own gardens. More of us than ever are putting out food for the birds in our gardens, with at least six out of ten adults saying they have fed the birds over the last year, and more than half the population feeding them at least once a week. And this year we counted more than 17 million birds as part of the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch. So it's no question that bird feeders, nest boxes and bird baths are high on many of our Christmas Lists. Take a look at our top gift ideas for bird lovers this year and spread some winter joy for them and their avian visitors. 

Simon King Wreath Nester

The Simon King Wreath Nester

Top of our list this year, is the Wreath Nester, designed by wildlife cameraman Simon King himself! This innovative nesting and roosting pocket offers vital shelter for garden birds during the winter. But it's also the perfect gift for anyone who loves crafting, floristry gardening. And that's because the unique wreath design enables you to decorate your Wreath Nester with all sorts of natural evergreen foliage, including ivy, bay, eucalyptus, willow stems, firs, pines, even Christmas tree cut offs. You can hang it on your door in the run up to Christmas and then pop it somewhere secluded and quiet in the garden and you never know, a robin or a wren may roost this winter, or even nest come the spring. 

Bird Feeders

One of the easiest and simplest products to buy a bird lover this Christmas. All of our bird feeders are either made from FSC-certified timber, strong stainless steal or recycled plastic. They're very easy to assemble and can be hung on a tree branch, fence post or a nail. You could even grab some bird food at the same time to give a complete gift to a bird loving friend this Christmas.

Ceramic Robin Bird Feeder

For robins 

The Ceramic Robin Bird Feeder is the perfect Christmas present. We all love a robin, and none more so than gardeners who often have a robin over their shoulder following them pottering around the raised beds.

For tits 

For the bolder tit species, a swingseat is perfect for attracting and feeding blue and great tits as well as sparrows. Our new Timeless Lutyens Swingseat Feeder is designed in the English country house style of classical architect Edwin Lutyens.

Wildlife World Window Feeder

For the home

Do you have a friend or family member who works from home or perhaps an elderly grandparent who often sits for long periods looking out of the window? A window feeder is one of the most satisfying additions because it gives such a close up glimpse of the birds visiting their garden.

Sunflower Bird Feeder Wildlife World

For adding colour 

Our brand new Wild Poppy and Sunflower ceramic bird feeders offer an instant hit of colour to any garden borders or lawns and have proved very popular with the smaller bird species including tits and sparrows.

Bird Food 

Winter feeding is of most benefit to garden birds, so you can do no better than gifting our gorgeous Cotswold Granaries bird foods to a loved one. They'll be giving birds a better chance of surviving the frosty winter nights if they've had a chance to build up their fat reserves.

Bird Baths 

A bird bath is a beautiful addition to any garden, which not only provides vital water for birds but also adds colour and interest to a lawn. Our bird baths are often beneficial to other wildlife as well, including bees and butterflies, and even hedgehogs if they are placed on the floor. 

Wild Poppy Drinker Wildlife World

Our African Daisy Bird Drinker is the newest addition to our range and fits perfectly with our Sunflower or Wild Poppy Feeder mentioned above.

The Nature Oasis is one of our most popular bird baths, that's also specifically designed for hedgehogs, bees and other beneficial pollinators and it's made from a new sustainable material called Polyboo - a novel mix of 100% recycled plastic and natural bamboo fibres.

The Echoes Bird Bath is made from frost-resistant glazed terracotta with a subtle green mottled colour and featuring an attractive ripple step design which provides extra grip for wild birds.

New England Nest Box Wildlife World

Nest Boxes 

By gifting a nest box to a friend or family member this Christmas, you're also providing a new home to birds in their local area and a chance to see baby birds being born next springtime. Nest boxes are now incredibly simply to pop up on a house wall, fence post or a tree in the garden. And our designs come with instructions and advice. They're a great present for bird lovers, but also families with young children who will delight in seeing whether anyone takes up residence.

Our newest Multi-Species Nest Box and designed specifically for smaller species including the tits. Our ever popular New England Nest Box, one of our biggest sellers year on year. The unusual and charming Robin Teapot Nester. The Curve designed by Simon King in a natural tree hollow shape.

Wildlife World Artisan Nester

Roosting Pouches

Finally, take a look at our range of Roosting Pockets including the Cabin Nester designed by Simon King and his original Brushwood Robin Nester and the ever popular Fair Trade Artisan Nesters. Both of these have proved incredibly popular with robins and wrens, both for winter sanctuary and spring nesting. They're inexpensive, pretty gifts for Christmas - both for your friends and family and the birds visiting their gardens. 

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