Christmas Gifts For Gardeners

Christmas Gifts For Gardeners

Is there a gardener in your life who really wants to attract wildlife into their garden, but they don't know how? Our range of wildlife friendly gifts are designed to benefit hedgehogs, wild birds, solitary bees, squirrels, ladybirds, butterflies, you name it! But they're also incredibly pretty presents for your friends and family as well. Many of our products come in beautifully designed packaging or gift boxes, and you can even personalise them or add a handwritten card if you're ordering for someone you won't see on the big day. Here are our top ten gifts for wildlife friendly gardeners this Christmas.

Solitary Beehive Wildlife World

For the bee friend

The Interactive Solitary Bee Hive is one of our best selling products year on year. Its thoughtful design enables female solitary bees to lay their eggs somewhere safe and natural. And once the hive is full, you can lift the lid to reveal a perspex cover enabling you to see inside into their secret chambers. Wonderful for learning about bee lifecycles and particularly fascinating for kids or grandkids. Solitary bees, by their nature, won't swarm and are safe around children and pets because they're not aggressive. This bee hive is easy to pop up in a sunny spot in the garden, then all you have to do is wait for the sunshine and the bees to appear!

SK Wreath Nester

For the crafter

We expect our most popular present this Christmas to be the new Wreath Nester, produced by wildlife cameraman Simon King. Its design enables you to decorate and build your own unique wreath for Christmas using foliage, berries and natural decorations found around the garden. Come the New Year, it can be placed somewhere quiet and secluded in the garden and it will be used by robins and wrens. Either as winter protection from the elements, or as a spring nesting site.

For the rose grower

Do you know someone who loves to grow roses in their garden, but is often dismayed to find aphids have got to them first? Ladybirds are a fantastic natural predator of the aphid and by encouraging them into a garden, you can reduce the use of chemical pesticides. Helping the environment, and your flowering plants. The Original Ladybird Tower provides a winter habitat for ladybirds before they emerge in spring to gobble up aphids. A great fun present that looks pretty in the garden too.

Frogilo Wildlife World

For the pond builder

Any wildlife gardening enthusiast will tell you that the number one thing we can all do for wildlife in our gardens, is to provide some sort of water source. A small pond will attract wildlife within days, if not hours. So if you know someone who is busy building a pond, then our Frogilo is a great gift. This cute, ceramic house is designed for frogs and toads. Offering them a sheltered spot during the sunny summer months, and a cosy home during the cold winter.

Cherington Bird bath Wildlife World

For the vintage fan

This ornamental bird bath is a beautiful feature to gift to a friend or relative who loves to watch their garden birds taking a bath each morning. The Cherington Bird Bath is a timeless structural piece with a bronzed antique appearance that's accessible for many species of birds and beneficial insects. It's incredibly elegant and offers multiple landing points and perches. A joy to gift and a joy to watch.

For the twitcher

The new Bagpath hanging bird feeder has proved incredibly popular with blue tits, sparrows and robins and will be warmly welcomed by any bird lover and their garden birds this Christmas. Designed in a similar style to the Cherington Bird Bath, its vintage style looks attractive hanging from a garden tree, and the open design means small birds will be bold enough to regularly use it as their look out is never obscured.

Eco-beacon Bird Feeder Wildlife World

For the eco-conscious

Although we try to avoid using plastic in the products we design for wildlife, we do choose to recycle plastic previously used by other industries to give it a second lease of life instead of leaving it to sit in landfill. Our Eco Beacon Bird Feeder is made from this second-life plastic as well as being designed and manufactured in the UK. An excellent all round gift for the environmentally friendly wildlife fan in your family.

For the beginner

One of the quickest and easiest ways to attract wildlife into your garden is to offer food. Our Cotswold Granaries food range is a great way to send someone all the food they need whether they want to encourage birds, hedgehogs, or squirrels into their garden, or get out more to feed the local ducks and swans.


For entertainment

Squirrels are incredibly fun to watch darting and diving about a garden and our Craftsman Squirrel Feeder is designed to keep them, and you, entertained. A brilliant gift for any gardener who loves to watch squirrels eating and caching nuts. The innovative swinging door provides hours of play for squirrels who will love their reward. The Feeder is made from FSC-certified timber, finished in duck egg blue with a copper roof. So it looks elegant and charming in any garden.

For the one you just don't know what to get!

There's always someone on our list we just don't know what to buy for. So instead, why not take a look at our Gift Bundles. Each pack is under £35 and filled with wildlife friendly gifts sure to bring a joy to their face. Or there's always our Gift Cards so they can choose the perfect wildlife gift for their garden.

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