Top Ten Stocking Fillers

Top Ten Stocking Fillers

Looking for something a little different from the usual satsuma and chestnuts in your stocking this Christmas? Many of our gifts are small enough to fit, but big enough to make a difference for wildlife this winter. Take a look at our top ten Christmas stocking filler ideas to delight friends and family alike. 

Wildlife World Roost Pockets

Oval Nest Pocket 

Our natural nest pockets offer a vital lifeline for garden birds during the winter. These cute, snug spaces mean birds like tits, robins, and wrens can find warm shelter out of the wind and the rain, particularly at night time. They're an incredibly cute present that's easy to pop into a tree, bush or hedge in the garden but perfect for wildlife gardening fans who want to provide winter sanctuary in their garden.


Butterfly Food 

In early springtime it can be difficult for butterflies to find food before most of our flowering plants are in bloom. By providing butterfly food in a shallow saucer, you are offering energy-rich sugars with essential vitamins. A lovely gift for gardeners who delight in watching butterflies come into their gardens each year. 

Wildflower Meadow Wildlife World

Wildflower Seeds 

Add some wildlife friendly blooms to a friend or family member's garden with our Wildflower Corner Seeds for Wildlife. Filled with native wildflower seeds including ox-eye daisy, cornflower, and corn poppies, all of which attract an abundance of bees, butterflies and wild birds come the spring.

Garden Seed Markers Wildlife World

Veggie Sticks

Beautiful garden seed markers hand carved from cedar and individually painted with water-based paints. The ideal gift for that special someone in your life who also loves their allotment or vegetable patch! These practical markers are available in all sorts of veggie options including carrot, onion, lettuce and radishes. Adding fun colour and useful organisation to any veg patch.

Cleaning Brush Kit 

Feeding garden birds is one of our top national past times but many garden owners struggle to keep their bird feeders clean. And that means diseases can travel between garden birds. For any twitchers in your life, our Hygiene Brush Kit is the perfect stocking filler. It's easy to use and makes their weekly garden jobs so much quicker! And their garden avian visitors so much happier!

Wildlife World Hedgehog Snack and Water bowls

Hedgehog Snack Bowl

Although hibernation season is here, the advice is to continue leaving small amounts of food out for hoggies especially if the weather warms slightly. As soon as the temperature rises, they will be out and about searching for food. And in fact, we don't know why, but each year some hedgehogs decide not to hibernate! So if you hear a rustle in your garden late at night, then don't worry. It should only be a concern if you see a hedgehog out during the day in the winter. Offer it some food, weight it and contact your local hedgehog hospital to ask their advice. It's always helpful to leave out Hedgehog Food and even better if you can leave it in a Hedgehog Snack Bowl.

Cotswold Granaries bird food

No Mess Bird Food 

Our new Cotswold Granaries No Mess Bird Food is available in sock-sized packets that will fit perfectly into any Christmas stocking this year. And what's more, our packaging is completely compostable. So you'll be passing on a wildlife-friendly and an eco-friendly product at the same time. Just right for a friend or family member who loves to watch the birds visiting their garden every morning. 

Wildlife Field Guides

Would someone in your family like to learn more about the wildlife visiting their garden and local green spaces. Our Field Guides have been produced in partnership with The Field Studies Council to help identify species and find out more about their behaviours and habitats.  A lovely spot of reading for Christmas morning and beyond. 


Bee Nester 

A really pretty addition to any garden, our Bee Nester is the perfect Christmas gift because it offers vital help to solitary bees looking for somewhere to lay their eggs. It's easy for any gardener to use and a delight to see solitary bees exploring and then using it to lay their eggs, all you need to do then is wait until the next generation of friendly garden pollinators hatch and help your garden bloom!


Flower Feeders

Just about small enough to fit into a stocking! These ceramic Flower Feeders are incredibly attractive for any garden and come in three different colours. If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves colour in their garden, and also wants to help their visiting birds then this is right up their street. They're easy to assemble and can simply be pushed into soft ground such as a lawn or garden border. 

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