Hedgehog House Retreat

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Around 25% of hedgehogs do not survive from one year to the next. The possible reasons include; modern agricultural techniques, poisonous slug pellets, general pesticides, garden tools and bonfires, road deaths, and an absence of safe habitats.

The Wildlife World Hedgehog Retreat is a safe retreat for hedgehogs. It features a sturdy, rust-proofed steel frame with an FSC waterproof lining, an integrated predator defence tunnel, and an attractive woven natural material finish.


Locate the retreat within some cover, out of the prevailing wind, preferably in an area with nearby vegetation. Pile leaves or foliage around the house for further camouflage and insulation. If boisterous dogs or badgers are in the area, the retreat may be anchored down for extra security using 2-4 tent pegs hooked over the metal frame and pushed into the ground. 


All wildlife products should be checked annually for damage, loose elements, and cleanliness during winter. MAKE SURE THE RETREAT IS NOT IN USE BEFORE THE ANNUAL INSPECTION.


Not suitable for sick or rescued hedgehogs that require regular inspection. If feeding hedgehogs always leave a bowl of fresh water out. Try using our Hedgehog Water and Snack bowls here.

Hedgehog Facts

As omnivores, hedgehogs will eat almost anything they come across. Hedgehogs are very much the gardener’s friend, eating invertebrates such as slugs, beetles, earwigs and caterpillars, which the gardener loves to hate. Hedgehogs also love worms and will eat millipedes that many predators find distasteful.

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