'Woolie' Hanging Ceramic Sheep With Nesting Wool

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Meet your garden's new best friend – 'Woolie' the sheep! Not just a cute addition to your outdoor space, 'Woolie' is made from frost-resistant glazed ceramic and is your secret weapon for supporting the thriving birdlife right in your garden. This lovable sheep provides the perfect nesting material for wild birds in the UK, ensuring their chicks stay cosy and safe during chilly weather. 

Filled with top-notch natural sheep's wool, 'Woolie' offers a five-star hotel bed filler for your feathered friends. The wool's unbeatable combo of strength, softness, and warmth makes it the go-to choice for smart birds looking to create a snug home for their little ones. 'Woolie' doesn't just add charm to your garden – it's a crucial resource for our feathered neighbours. For wool refills buy our British Nesting Wool.

Here's why it matters, especially in the UK. Birds are facing challenges finding the right materials for their nests due to urbanisation and habitat loss. 'Woolie' steps in as your garden superhero, offering a sustainable solution to help birds overcome these challenges and thrive in their nesting and breeding efforts.

To make the most of 'Woolie,' follow these simple tips. Find a cosy spot for it in a tree nook or hang it visibly near shrubs or from a sturdy branch. Add a short, firm twig through two of the holes – it's like rolling out the red carpet for small birds, making their nesting experience even more enjoyable.

Timing is everything. Provide 'Woolie' with nesting materials between February and July, aligning perfectly with the breeding season when birds are on the lookout for resources to build their nests. 'Woolie' isn't just about sheep's wool – it can be filled with a variety of materials like twigs, moss, fluff, and grasses, offering a buffet of options for your avian pals.

By bringing 'Woolie' into your garden, you're not just making it look good; you're creating a haven for local birdlife. It's your way of contributing to a sustainable and harmonious ecosystem right outside your window. So, proudly hang up 'Woolie' and get ready to enjoy a front-row seat to the lively bird drama unfolding in your backyard!

H 80 mm x W 110 mm x D 80 mm

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Out and hanging in the tree for our birds to use for there nesting!