Stainless Steel Large Bird Feeder

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Introducing Wildlife World's latest innovation in bird feeding: the Stainless Steel Seed Bird Feeder. Designed to maximise your bird-feeding experience, this feeder combines durability, sustainability, and convenience like never before.

Say goodbye to rusting and hello to longevity with our upgraded model. Crafted entirely from high-quality stainless steel, this feeder ensures superior protection against corrosion and squirrel damage, making it the ultimate choice for all-weather use. Unlike its predecessors, which relied on coated metal, our feeder boasts a plastic-free stainless-steel design, enhancing sustainability and eliminating the risk of plastic degradation.

Cleaning is now a breeze thanks to our innovative design feature that allows you to release the entire base of the feeder, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. No more struggling with intricate parts or hard-to-reach corners!

Equipped with a specially designed lid featuring a locking mechanism, our feeder effectively thwarts even the cleverest squirrels, ensuring that your feathered friends enjoy uninterrupted feasting. With the Stainless Steel Seed Bird Feeder, you can rest assured knowing that your garden birds will be well-fed and protected for years to come.

But that's not all! Our feeder is designed with your birds' comfort and enjoyment in mind. Featuring four ports, each with its own landing perch, it accommodates multiple birds simultaneously, making it perfect for gardens bustling with avian visitors.

Its feature-packed design includes:

  • Super-strong steel hanging wire for secure placement.
  • Ingenious lid-locking mechanism for squirrel-proofing.
  • Generous rain shelter roof to protect seeds from the elements.
  • Fine mesh for easy seed access while preventing spillage.
  • Stainless steel body for durability and aesthetics.
  • Seed catch tray for easy clean-up and hygiene maintenance.
  • Quick-release dispenser base for effortless cleaning and optimal bird health.

We recommend pairing our feeder with high-quality bird food, such as Cotswold Granaries 'No Mess' bird food, packed full of nutrition and conveniently packaged in home compostable materials.

For optimal siting, place the feeder where birds have a clear view of their surroundings and feel safe from predators. Providing shelter from the sun and cold wind is advised, along with nearby branches or vegetation for perching and access.

Regular cleaning is essential for maintaining bird health and feeder performance. Simply empty leftover seeds onto a nearby surface, wash the feeder with hot water and a hygiene brush and enjoy the benefits of a clean and hygienic feeding station.

Backed by an extended 5-year product guarantee, the Stainless Steel Seed Bird Feeder is the ultimate solution for bird enthusiasts seeking durability, sustainability, and convenience in their bird-feeding endeavours.

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