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Are you a parent looking for healthy activities to engage your children outside? Then look no further than our Wildlife Explorer Kit featuring a gift box full of wildlife habitats and activity ideas for enquiring minds. Wildlife World is donating 50p per kit to the Trussell Trust to ease hardship during these unprecedented times we are living through #wildlifeforwellbeing. So now you are kitted out and ready to learn about bees, bugs and birds with your little ones!

Let’s go explore

Bees are the best! Bees pollinate flowers and our food so we that we have delicious fruit and healthy veggies. Did you know there are lots of different types of bees? Some bees make honey. Some bees, like bumblebees, don’t make any honey. And some bees, called solitary bees, don’t sting at all.  So who are these gentle solitary bees and where can I see them? Well they are right there in your garden and you can help them thrive and survive by finding the perfect spot to hang your cosy bee nursery. Pick a sunny spot where female solitary bees can safely leave their babies to grow up.

What other bugs might we spy in the garden using a magnifying glass? Maybe ladybirds and lacewings, which provide natural pest control in your garden – so tell mum there’s no need to use nasty chemicals in the garden. Mind you, birds might like to eat your friendly insects so we have included another little house for them with lots of tubes and hidey holes.

Do you have a friendly robin in your garden? He will love your new petal feeder to take tasty treats. How about some sunflower hearts, suet or even some mealworms for him. We’ve included a colourful bird guide to help you learn your garden birds. And let’s sow some wildflowers to make the garden pretty and provide food and nectar for our garden wildlife.

Activity sheet included –  How do birds make their nests?

We hope you enjoy your little box of inspiration and become a Wildlife Explorer in your garden.

Wildlife Explorer Kit 2 contents as follows (colours may vary)

  • Mini Bee House plus instruction leaflet
  • Extra bee tubes for bee house
  • Mini Bug House plus instruction leaflet
  • Bug Activity Work Book
  • Species Guide for garden birds
  • Native wildflower seeds for birds
  • Magnifying glass
  • Red Petal Feeder
  • Activity – Build your own bird nest instructions
  • Colouring in pattern on gift box for extra fun

The Wildlife Explorer kit contains small parts which are unsuitable for children under 3 years.   Note The Wildlife Explorer Kit is NOT a TOY and should be used with adult supervision and interaction.

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