UK Breaking Climate News

UK Breaking Climate News

While temperatures may have reached their lowest in the UK over the last week since 2019, with some parts of the country dropping to below -14 degrees centigrade, unfortunately the cold dip doesn’t give us the full story.

It was reported last week that 2023 has been confirmed as the hottest year on record, as a direct result of the human impact on the Earth and the El Nino weather event. Last year was 1.4 degrees warmer than the Earth was before the long term burning of fossil fuels. Sea temperatures broke records and every day since July saw a new global temperature high.

This extreme increase in temperature brought with it a series of disastrous weather events from floods to wildfires and this is set to increase as each year sees a new record breaking conditions. The UK Met Office stated that 2024 could surpass the 1.5 degree increase that would lead to even more extreme weather events.


You can read more about the breaking news story here:

2023 confirmed as world's hottest year on record - BBC News

And find out what things you can do about climate change, curtesy of our friends at the wildlife trust here:

So, why are we at The Wildlife Community telling you this? You might be thinking, ‘well there’s nothing I can do’ and that’s why we are here to remind you that we are so powerful if we work together. At The Wildlife Community, we are passionate about creating connections between people and nature and by showing you the incredible beauty that we share our outdoor space with, it’s our hope that everyone will be inspired to come together to protect it.

We want to hear from people who are doing inspiring work within their community to connect people and nature so we can promote their work across our social media and on our podcast. If you or anyone you know has done some brilliant work within their local green spaces, get in touch today!

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