What's Happening at The Wildlife Community?

What's Happening at The Wildlife Community?


  • Are you a nature focused community group?

  • Are you working to engage your local community with the green spaces around you?

  • Are you encouraging people in your area to reconnect with the species they share their gardens with?

  • Then we want to speak to you!

We realised it’s been a while since we gave you an update on what’s going on behind the scenes here at The Wildlife Community HQ, so let’s dive straight in!

Our retail team have been very busy working on new products in time for Christmas. We have our brand new Birdy Bistro, created with our wonderful ambassador, Dan Rouse, which is a perfect activity to get the whole family involved with the birds who might visit your garden!

And have you spotted our new wooly friend on the website? 'Woolie' the Sheep, is a new product designed by our other brilliant ambassador, Simon King, and will make a great present for the nature lovers in  your life this Christmas! Simply hang 'Woolie' in your garden in the early Spring and the birds will be able to use the wool from 'Woolie' to line their nests like a luxury hotel room!


The TWC team have been busy working on our exciting community outreach project! We’ve had so many great conversations with inspiring people who are working so hard to create beautiful green spaces and empower local communities to make a difference to their area.

So, lot’s of community groups are doing brilliant work, so where do we come in? Well, so far, we have assisted in community garden projects, donated seeds, bird nesters and bee houses, created bespoke signage for projects and now we are at the exciting stage where we are working with groups to create some amazing events for 2024. But we are not finished there!

There will also be a brand new series of The Wildlife Community Podcast coming in 2024, full of conversations with community groups and individuals who are dedicating their time to making a positive difference to the world around them so stay tuned for more information!

If you are part of a group, or you know of any projects - from farmland restoration to local community gardens - that would be keen to chat with us about collaborating with us, or chatting to Charlie on our podcast, then please get in touch today at charlie@wildlifeworld.co.uk. We can’t wait to hear from you and learn all about your work to make your space a wild one!

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