Ep. 14 - It takes a Community...

Ep. 14 - It takes a Community...

The Wildlife Community team had an exciting weekend recently when we took the podcast on the road to the Global Birdfair at Rutland Showground! We were lucky enough to grab a slot on the brand new Whinchat podcasting stage, sponsored by Swarovski Optik, and had the chance to interview some exciting guests and talk about all things wild and of course, community.  

In this first episode recorded from the Global Birdfair, our ambassador, Dan Rouse, took over the helm and had a chat with Dale Forbes, head of strategic business development at Swarovski Optik.  

Dale told Dan all about Swarovski’s, latest project, which has seen Swarovski purchase 285 acres of rainforest on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is well known for its biodiversity but growing tourism and expanding development means that the landscape and habitats are changing dramatically. Swarovski are taking a hands on approach to ‘on-the-ground’ conservation and in this episode, Dale delves into the project in more detail. 

The episode is dotted with soundscapes taken directly from the Swarovski rainforest, so sit back and immerse yourself in the sounds of Costa Rica as you listen to the latest installment from The Wildlife Community! 

Find out more about the Swarovski Optik Rainforest and hear the full soundscape here:



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