Ep. 15 - Capturing Curiosity with Nick Baker

Ep. 15 - Capturing Curiosity with Nick Baker

In this second episode of The Wildlife Community Podcast, live from the Global Birdfair at Rutland Showground, Dan Rouse and Charlie Bingham were joined by well-loved naturalist, author and tv presenter, Nick Baker. Nick has been a true inspiration for many nature enthusiasts for the past few decades and Charlie and Dan jumped at the opportunity to sit down and get Nick’s perspective on how exactly we can harness our curiosity and inspire the next generation of nature nerds. They took to the Whinchat stage in front of an audience of nature lovers of all ages, and had a chat about the importance of holding onto that childlike curiosity as we explore the world around us.  

We’ve left this chat largely unedited because we wanted to capture the true essence of the conversation and the fun of being on stage with a live audience.  

Don’t forget to set your reminders for the third and final episode from Global Birdfair, where Charlie chats to two brothers who are taking the natural world to a community near you, with an immersive nature experience like no other…. 

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