Ep. 16 - Sounding Wild - Live from Global Birdfair

Ep. 16 - Sounding Wild - Live from Global Birdfair

Welcome back to the third and final episode live from Global Birdfair 2023. In this episode, I was joined by the team from Sounding Wild, an immersive birding experience like no other, and we had a great chat about how they are working to bring amazing bird stories to local communities to show them what is available on their doorsteps.

The episode begins with a Catalonian dawn chorus and ends with the tuneful song of the Golden Oriole, soundscapes recorded as part of the Sounding Wild project.

Axel Drioli, wildlife sound recordist and sound designer, and Ario Drioli, photographer, filmmaker and graphic designer, are two brothers who reconnected with nature whilst navigating exciting careers. After years of travelling for a variety of clients, they decided to take a leap, combining their skills with their love of the natural world, and Sounding Wild was born. This new venture changed their lives completely when they found themselves living full time in their 4x4 vehicles, allowing them to spend as much time in nature as possible, learning about wildlife and bringing the stories they create to local communities.

 "Wings Across Continents: 2023-2024", is a one-and-a-half-year intercontinental, overland expedition following bird migration paths along the East Atlantic Flyway between West Europe and West Africa. By creating stories about migratory birds, Axel and Ario engage with local communities, sharing them using Virtual Reality and their portable, immersive sound system.


Sounding Wild is an experience like no other that will take you on a journey to see the world in a whole new way.



Instagram: Sounding Wild (@soundingwild) • Instagram photos and videos

Twitter: Sounding Wild (@soundingwild) / X (twitter.com)

Website: Sounding Wild - Nature Stories

Just a final note to say thank you to everyone who joined us on the live episodes and of course to Tim and Penny for giving us the chance to take a new podcasting stage to Global Birdfair! And perhaps the biggest thank you to Oscar Henderson, our sound engineer for the live episodes who made the recording possible! We hope to be back next year but for now, stay tuned for more episodes with more nature loving members of The Wildlife Community.

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